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In my eleven years as a professional stagehand and twenty years as a participant in fandom, I have never been treated with this much respect and dignity by a performing member of the entertainment industry. Kim Rhodes (Jody Mills on Supernatural) made me cry today, in the best of ways.

This is how you ally. Thank you, Kim, you made me feel like a human being. I can’t imagine a better mother for your daughter; she’s in great hands.


And my esteem of Kim Rhodes has gone up by a million. I thought she was pretty cool before, but this makes her amazing. I have immense respect for someone who is willing to listen to someone’s opinion and actually let it change their own.

This is fantastic and might have made my whole day.

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Minimum wage is a women’s rights issue

Data shows most Americans making minimum wage are women. In reality, not only are more than half of all minimum wage workers women, they’re adult women with children who earn half of their family’s income. For this reason, not only is raising the minimum wage to $10.10 a labor rights issue, but a major women’s issue as well.

Women are more likely to hold low-wage jobs than men. In 2012, 64% of minimum wage workers were women compared to 36% of men. This means about 2.4 million women earn the minimum wage or less, while approximately 1.2 million men do. This imbalance is even more striking once you consider that women are just 46.8% of all employed workers in the United States.  

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